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UK Solar System Planetary Atmospheres

The study of Planetary Atmospheres is a key component of the UK’s planetary science portfolio, enabling leadership in instrumentation, multi-spectral data analysis (both space- and ground-based), and numerical simulation. In recent decades, this has provided unique results from astronomical observatories and visiting spacecraft (e.g., Venus Express, Mars Express, ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, Galileo, Cassini, and Juno).


Meeting Announcement - November 11th 2022

RAS Geophysics Specialist Discussion Meeting:

Exploring Planetary Atmospheric Processes from Terrestrial Worlds to Giant Planets

Hybrid meeting, with in-person attendance at the Royal Astronomical Society, Burlington House (10:00-16:00), followed by a RAS Ordinary Meeting and the James Dungey Lecture to be delivered by Dr. Licia Ray.

Abstracts for invited and contributed presentations (orals and posters) can be found here.

The schedule for the discussion meeting can be found here.

With the exception of presenters, all attendees, both online and in person will have to register in advance via Eventbrite (follow these links). Registration closes at midnight (GMT) on 10 November.

Organisers: Leigh N. Fletcher (University of Leicester,, Karen Aplin (University of Bristol), Dann Mitchell (University of Bristol), Licia Ray (Lancaster University)

Call for Abstracts [CLOSED] - DEADLINE EXTENDED TO October 14th:. We invite abstracts from the Solar System Planetary Atmospheres community, highlighting new research and discoveries, new missions and opportunities, and sharing of techniques and tools to foster future collaborations within the community. We will give priority to early-career speakers who have had limited opportunities to present their work during the pandemic. To submit an abstract, please complete this form by October 14th), stating your preference for in-person or virtual participation. The details of the hybrid approach (e.g., the platform for posters and interactions) will be provided in the coming weeks - please watch this space.

The community last met at a RAS-sponsored meeting in February 2020, providing an opportunity to celebrate achievements, to network and discuss future opportunities, and to give early-career researchers a chance to present their latest discoveries. We hope to build on this foundation, and have secured the endorsements of both the Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS) and Europlanet Ireland-UK Hub to host this next community meeting.

Invited Speakers: We are delighted to welcome two invited speakers to help set the theme for the discussion meeting:

Proposed Schedule:

Important Information for Attendees:

Ordinary Meeting

Tickets are also available for the Ordinary Meeting on 11 November, 4pm. This is a hybrid event and will feature two talks:

Previous Community Meetings

UK Planetary Atmospheres Community

The UK community is spread across a number of universities (Bristol, Exeter, Leicester, Leeds, Newcastle, Open University, Oxford, UCL, Lancaster, Imperial), but unlike other UK communities (e.g., MIST, UK-Solar-Physics, Exoplanets) there are no regular community meetings. A UK community meeting is timely given (i) upcoming atmospheric research opportunities from JWST in 2022/23; (ii) the forthcoming launch of ESA/JUICE in 2023; (iii) capitalising on data being provided by missions including ExoMars/TGO and Juno; (iv) preparing for the ExoMars Rover and landing platform; and (v) paving the way for future atmospheric science investigations on Venus (e.g., recently-selected EnVision for ESA’s M5 mission, as well as US Discovery-class missions) and the Ice Giants. In particular, this meeting will be held just a few months after the results of the US decadal survey in planetary science (spring 2022), providing a chance to discuss new mission opportunities with international partners.